Family Dentistry

When you look for a dentist, you naturally want an educated and experienced professional that is qualified to manage your oral health concerns.  However, you also want service providers that care about your well-being, that work hard to create a comfortable and welcoming environment, and that partner with you to ensure you’re able to make informed decisions about your own health care. The dental professionals at Today’s Dentistry are committed to meeting your expectations on every level.

We offer family dentistry that you can rely on, thanks to a talented and compassionate staff of dental professionals, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, and the latest dental technologies and techniques available.  We are confident we can provide you and your family with the quality care you expect and deserve.  At Today’s Dentistry, we’re pleased to serve your entire family, including children, teens, and adults, and we offer several specialized services.

Root Canals

When a tooth becomes badly infected, it can cause pain and difficulty chewing, among other issues.  A root canal procedure is sometimes the best method of saving a tooth affected by severe decay.  The procedure involves removing the nerve and affected pulp, after which the tooth is sterilized and sealed to prevent further infection and restore functionality.  With the aid of the talented dental professionals at Today’s Dentistry, your tooth decay can be diagnosed and treated and your tooth can be restored before infection spreads and further harm is done.

Crowns and Bridges

Although teeth are extremely resilient, they can be compromised by injury, illness, and infection, potentially leading to damage or even tooth loss.  When this occurs, you’ll want to salvage and restore the tooth if possible, or simply replace it if there’s no chance to save it.

Today’s Dentistry is proud to offer a variety of potential treatment options for such occurrences, including crowns to restore damaged teeth and bridges to replace missing teeth.  Both will help to improve function following damage or tooth loss and return your confidence to smile.


Losing multiple teeth to decay, gum disease, or other ailments is not as uncommon as you might think.  When you suffer the loss of multiple teeth, it can have a devastating impact on your life, both in terms of oral function and confidence in your appearance.

Removable dentures are an easy and affordable way to replace several missing teeth in a row, whether you’re in need of partial dentures or a full set.  Today’s Dentistry also offers implant dentures for a more permanent solution.  We want to help you find the best treatment options to address your tooth loss so that you can resume your life and face the world with confidence.


When teeth are damaged, decayed, or otherwise compromised, the dental professionals at Today’s Dentistry will go the extra mile to save them.  Unfortunately, not every tooth can be saved.  When you’re in pain and your tooth can only cause more harm, our qualified professionals will perform an extraction and help you to select the best restoration options.

Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction may be necessary for patients that suffer from gingivitis, periodontitis, bruxism, or other conditions that negatively affect the whole mouth.  Today’s Dentistry offers personalized care and treatment planning to patients in need of full mouth reconstruction so they can improve oral health and achieve a functional and aesthetically pleasing smile makeover.

Whether you’ve chipped a tooth, you’re dealing with decay, or tooth loss is imminent, the caring and qualified dental professionals at Today’s Dentistry are ready to help.  Contact us today at 415-585-5773 to schedule a consultation.